The Temperatures You’re Not Measuring, But Really Should Be.

You get up in the morning and open the weather app on your iPhone and shudder as you see today’s blistering low of  3°F. Naturally you start to pile on the layers, gloves, and scarves as you prepare for your morning commute. Without that information you would be cold and unprepared. Just like you, many of your household luxuries and conveniences need to be in a controlled temperature environment to thrive. Lets take a look.

1. Your Food


This one is absolutely crucial. While a lot of people do a great job of eyeing when their food is done, you can never be too safe. Using a temperature probe with alarm capabilities allows you to focus on your side dishes while your main dish heats up. It’s good to keep in mind that poultry is fully cooked at 165°F and red meats achieve a medium rare cook around 145°F

Check out our recommended temperature probe to use on the grill and in the oven here.

2. Your Wine Cellar/Cabinet


Depending on how much of a wine aficionado you are, you might have some type of temperature monitoring system in place in your wine cellar. Wine is sensitive, and to preserve it correctly you must measure both the temperature and relative humidity  But for those who maybe keep a choice ten-fifteen bottles stored away it may not seem like such an issue. If that’s the case we recommend a small storage system to help you get the most out of your experience.

Monitor your wine cellar remotely on iPhone or Android with the iCelsius Wireless RH

3. Your Fish Bowl


Betta fish are unique in that they are one of the very few fish that can live comfortably in a bowl without a filtration system. With that being said, it still doesn’t mean you wont need to change the water on a weekly basis to keep your pet happy and healthy. Here’s where things get tricky. When the Betta fish is transferred back into the bowl, you need to make sure the temperature is near the same to the water it was previously in. Sudden changes in temperature can harm or even kill your Betta fish. A handheld thermometer can help you quickly detect and alter the temperature of the water if need be.

Check out the iCelsius Blue Pro to assist with your fish bowl maintenance.

4. Homebrewing


Maybe you’ve thought about brewing your own beer before, but it seemed complicated and time consuming. Well, in some ways it is, but it doesn’t have to be! When brewing your own beer it is crucial to maintain certain temperatures to ensure the the brew turns out just right. Look into different solutions. Spending a little more on a nice fermentation equipment can really pay off in the long run. Cheers!

Check out the iCelsius Wireless Pro to measure your fermentation temps on the go!

For more information on temperature monitoring systems, visit our website at

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