GrillVille’s Best Hot Sauces To Try In 2017

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It’s a new year and that means it’s time to turn up the heat with some new hot sauces. We spent the majority of 2016 trying all kinds of sauces to bring you a list of the hot sauces you should really try in 2017.


Louisiana Crystal Hot Sauce


A very simple and tasty hot sauce. Crystal prides themselves on their simplicity with their recipe consisting only of aged red cayenne peppers, vinegar, and salt. The taste is tremendous! This bottle has become quite the staple in most Louisiana restaurants. Pick up a bottle today and try it with some seafood.

Go to the official site here.


Hot Winter Hot Sauce


Hot Winter Hot Sauce was created by Shaun Winter of Portland from a rogue hot pepper in a field of mild Jimmy Nardello peppers. After a few generations, this fermented chile sauce has a thick and tasty texture. Feel free to include this stuff in just about anything you chose to cook up!

Purchase Hot Winter Hot Sauce here.

Frankie V’s Kitchen Cayenne Garlic Hot Sauce


Last year we did a write up where we included Frankie V’s Kitchen Spooky White Hot Sauce. We seriously cannot get enough of the different sauces this small Texas based company puts out. Cayenne Garlic is so tasty. It’s become somewhat of a morning ritual to douse my eggs with the sauce as if they were on fire.

Visit Frankie V’s site and view his line of sauces here.


Horseshoe Brand Peach Hot Sauce


This is my absolute favorite to pair with chicken breasts. Horseshoe Brand Peach Hot Sauce is a scrumptious addition to almost any poultry based meal. The sauce itself is very mild and wont be as much of a scorcher as some of the other sauces on this list. Keep this one in your fridge for days you want a little more flavor than heat.

Buy Horseshoe Brand Hot Sauce here.


Blair’s Mega Death Hot Sauce


Shown on the increasingly popular, Hot One’s Interview Show on YouTube, Blair’s Mega Death sauce should only be used sparingly. What you chose to put the sauce on is entirely up to you, but make no mistake, it is undeniably hot! This is a great sauce for clearing up your sinuses, but remember, be careful with this stuff.

Buy Blair’s Mega Death Sauce Here.


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