Ways to Wake Up and Seize the Day Without the Help of Caffeine


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For some people it can seem almost impossible to start the day without that morning cup-of-Joe. Some us can jump right out of bed and run a marathon, and then there’s most of us who find ourselves somewhere in-between. Caffeine is not physically addictive, but a mental sense of dependability can develop from consuming it, whether it be from soda, energy drinks, or the aforementioned coffee. To continue on with our healthy 2017 kick, lets check out a few ways we can get the energy we need to start our morning off right.

1. Light Exercising


Try taking the dog for a walk around the block before work, or maybe follow along to a quick yoga session on YouTube. Either way, light exercises will help your brain get in motion and shake that early morning grogginess. Plus you’ll be burning some extra calories along the way.

2. Eating a Healthy Breakfast


I think we can all agree that food naturally gives us energy, but we have to be conscientious not to load on too many greasy items in the morning as they could actually have us wishing we were still in bed. Try eating primarily grains, fruits, and vegetables to start out your day. If you need to, keep a healthy snack like a granola bar with you to hold yourself over until lunch time.

3. Drink Lots of Water

Filling in glass of water

Strive to drink at least 64oz of water a day. Try chugging at 12oz bottle of water when you wake up, and have another to share with breakfast. That way you only have forty more ounces to go to reach your daily goal. When you start thinking of consuming water by the numbers, it because a lot easier to track and achieve. On top of that, your body will be flowing with natural energy!

4. Call a Friend or a Family Member


Granted they’re awake and not busy, calling a friend or family member can help stimulate your brain to start thinking about the day. Just by having a conversation you start to get your gears going through the simple act of engagement. This is true for both introverts and extroverts alike.

5. Listen or Sing Along to Your Favorite Music

iStock_000036450854_happy music.jpg

It doesn’t have to be heavy metal, but it certainly doesn’t hurt! Throw on some of your favorite energetic music and sing along to it. This will let off chemicals in the brain to help you walk into the office ready for anything. Leave a comment of this article and let us know what you like to listen to in the morning.


For more health and food articles, download the free GrillVille app for iOS



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  1. As an avid coffee drinker, I really appreciate this post.


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